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We'll pay you a lump sum of Cash For Your Monthly Mortgage Payments

We’ll give you a lump sum of cash for your note, deed of trust, or land contract monthly payments.

We take care of all the work, pay the closing costs, and then wire the funds to you.

We typically close within 30 days. (That means cash in your pocket.)

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The Notes We're Looking For

We buy mortgages, notes, land contracts, and deeds of trust across the United States. If you sold your home with owner financing, we would like to pay you a lump sum of cash for your monthly mortgage payments.

Check the FAQ for more info.

The Notes We Aren't Looking For

We offer quotes for performing seller carry back notes, as well as non-performing notes, so please don’t hesitate to send us your note for a quote.

However, we are not looking for pools or tapes at this time.

This is in order to get your money to you ASAP!

About Pinnacle Note Buyers

Pinnacle Note Buyers is a privately owned business, which means we don’t have huge overhead costs that factor into our offer to purchase your note.

We enjoy assisting our clients to achieve their financial goals. At Pinnacle Note Buyers, you’ll never be just another number in our queue. You’ll receive the personal attention that you deserve.

And most importantly, our associates have over 30 years of combined experience that provide us with the knowledge and resources to offer you top dollar for your note.

Call and speak with me directly, Alberto A. Lopez at 813-365-2502.

Or you can submit the form, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Contact Me

Alberto A. Lopez

Pinnacle Note Buyers

Telephone: 813-365-2502

Email: Alberto@PNBuyers.com

    Our Promissory Note Offer Process

    Our Process is Fast and Easy because we do all of the work. We can usually have an exact cash offer to you in 48 hours and cash to you in 30 days or less.

    1. Submit a form with your note details.
    2. Within 24 hours, we’ll let you know of any additional information we need, and within 48 hours, we’ll let you know exactly how much cash we can give you for the mortgage note.
    3. If you want to proceed, send us a copy of the promissory note, and we’ll send you a simple letter of agreement.
    4. You return the signed agreement along with a copy of the closing statement for the sale of the property and proof of pay history (copies of checks, post-marked envelopes, bank statements showing deposits, etc.).
    5. That’s when we spring into action to buy your payments.  We’ll order title work, appraisal, credit report, etc.—on our dollar!
    6. Once we verify all of the details, we’ll set up a closing at a local title company where you can go to take care of the paperwork.
    7. The title company will then wire your funds to you.

    Ready To Sell? We're Ready To Buy.

    We’re ready to give you top dollar for your note to assist with any relief you need at this time. Our goal is to give you a competitive quote, competent service, and make selling your note as easy as possible.

    Professional Note Investors

    We will do free note quotes for you and your friends’ notes. If we buy a note from a friend or associate of yours, we’ll pay you a generous bird dog fee. Give our name and contact information to real estate investors you know!

    Frequent Questions About Selling Your Note

    Will it cost me anything to get a quote?

    There is no cost or obligation to get a quote. Just call us or complete the online form and we’ll give you an exact quote of how much cash we will give you for your note.

    Will it cost me anything to sell my note to you?
    No, we cover all of the costs. You will receive a wire for the amount that we quote to you.
    How long will it take to get my cash?
    Typically we close within 3-4 weeks, but we ask you to allow 45 days in case of any unforeseen title or foreclosure issues that need to be resolved.
    How does the purchase process work?
    If you like our quote, we’ll prepare a simple agreement confirming the details. We will gather information from you, order title work and an appraisal, and we may get a credit report on the payor. Once we verify all of the details, we’ll schedule the closing.
    Where will the closing take place?

    We typically close at a title company or attorney’s office in the county where the property is located. If you already have a title policy, we will close at the same title company or attorney’s office who issued the policy.

    What documents do I need to give you?

    If you accept our offer, in order to prepare the note purchase agreement, we will need to have a copy of the note, mortgage, or deed of trust, and settlement statement from when you sold the property.   (You’ll need to bring the original note and your driver’s license to the closing.)

    We will also need proof of on-time pay history, typically copies of the checks or post-marked enveloped. If those are unavailable, we can sometimes use your bank statements showing the deposits made each month.

    It will speed up the process if you also give us any previous appraisal or title work that you may have.

    Prior to closing, we will call the homeowner’s insurance agent to have our name added to the property insurance as a mortgagee insured.

    Are you going to contact the payor on the note?

    We only contact the payor after you have signed our note purchase agreement and made the decision to proceed with the sale.

    Can you still buy my note if payments have been late?

    Each mortgage note is considered on a case by case basis. We may be able to still purchase the note depending on the other factors.

    What if the property taxes are delinquent?
    We generally do not buy a note if the property taxes are delinquent because the note would technically be in default. As the seller of the note, we do not allow you to pay the delinquent taxes out of your proceeds from the sale of the note.
    Do you buy land contracts?

    Yes, we buy land contracts. In some cases, we may want to help you convert the contract to a mortgage or deed of trust prior to our purchase.

    Do you buy notes secured by mobile homes?
    Yes, we can buy the note if the mobile home has been permanently affixed to the ground and is now considered real estate.
    Do you buy notes secured by commercial properties?
    Yes, we buy notes secured by owner-occupied homes, rental homes, commercial properties and land.
    Will you buy a new note?

    We prefer to have at least three months of seasoning, that is, that the payor has made at least three payments. The longer the seasoning, the more that we can pay for the note. Ideally, we like to see twelve months of payments, but it is not required.

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    Pinnacle Note Buyers

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